High School Senior Certification Program helps young people 

The HMPTI High School Senior Certification Program offers a very unique opportunity for seniors to obtain certifications that will jump-start their entry into the oil industry.

In most cases there is no cost for this program.

The program consists of a series of online courses interfaced with classroom and practical courses that are required by the industry.

We also include field trips, resume development, interviewing techniques and job placement assistance for the graduates.

The senior completes the program with all of the necessary courses, many of which include college credit.

The benefit to the senior is that they are prepared for the interview, understand what is expected of them, and in many cases start with incomes in the $50,000 to $80,000 range with a defined career path.

The benefit to the prospective employer is that they save money on HR acquisition cost, training and orientation cost, and they have an employee who understands the opportunity and is ready to go to work.